GC-MS Analyses
LC-MS(MS) analyses
IR analyses

With our latest UPLC-PDA-HRMS equipment we are now able, not only to identify and quantify known substances, but also to identify unknown compounds such as NIAS. We have various tools at our disposal for this purpose: Building substance libraries, linking to online databases, Mass Fragmentation Tools, etc.
We would also be able to create a customer-specific substance library for your project in order to test the presence of the substances in your samples.

Examples of Analysis:

  • Testing of printed food packaging for migration of printing ink components
    - 10 ppb screening by GC-MS
    - Specific migration analysis of photoinitiators and monomers
  • Qualitative and quantitative determinations
  • Target and non-target analyses
  • Identification of substances and impurities in samples
  • Structure elucidation
  • Identification of ingredients in printing inks
  • Generation of structure proposals for unknown compounds
  • Solvent and residual solvent determination
  • Raw material control
  • Substance screening
  • Determination of ink components
  • Recording IR spectra of solid and liquid samples


We also offer measuring times, either for special projects or for testing before purchasing your own analytical equipment, on our analytical systems. Of course, you will be supported and accompanied by an experienced member of staff.